Act the second


Scene the first

Scene Osmyn's pavilion.
Casimir, chain'd at the entry.
Enter Rodulpho in a Turkish habit, with Amelia, likewise disguised.



<- Rodulpho, Amelia



Thus far, dread princess!  

I have with due fidelity attended,

nor is there any danger in this world,

thro' which I would not venture for your sake,

yet still deliberate once more with caution

the perils of this undertaking.


No more objections:

I'm positive to follow my intentions,

or join with me, or leave me to myself.


'Twas not on my account, but yours,

that I was first induc'd to offer

the well-intended, ill-receiv'd advice.


Rodulpho! Well you know my sad misfortunes,

I'm just distracted with a deep despair;

can you not then excuſe the harsh expression?


Behold yon wretch that's grov'ling on the ground.


By all my hopes of happiness, my husband!

(Amelia running towards Casimir, Rodulpho withholding her.)


For heaven's sake, be not precipitate,

this is no season for discovery.


O Rodulpho! how can I behold him!

and be prohibited from speaking to him.


Observe you not a party near approaching?

We're ruin'd if suspected.


So the gentle turtle-dove  

bemoans her hapless captive love,

when in the fowler's snare:

she strives to free him, but in vain,

and hovers round, and round again,

then drops, kill'd by despair.


Rodulpho, Amelia ->


Scene the second

A gallery.
Augusta, with Attendants.


Augusta, Attendants



What, gone! impossible! it cannot be:  

to leave the palace thus at dead of night:

oh false Rodulpho!

Traitor to friendship, gratitude, and love!

But much more false Amelia!

The faithless spouse of a distressed husband:

this conduct will imprint a greater wound,

than his defeat and loss of liberty.


To see such woes dear Casimir oppress,  

and slighted by a faithless wife,

fills all my soul with exquisite distress,

and makes me weary of this life.

But as an instance of the cordial love

I to my injur'd brother bear,

I'll by th' immortal pow'rs that rule above,

to justice bring the guilty pair.


Augusta ->


Scene the third

Osmyn's pavilion. Casimir at the entry, as before.
Osmyn, Rodulpho, and Amelia.


Casimir, Osmyn, Rodulpho, Amelia


(to Rodulpho)

Tell me, my mussulman,  

by what happy chance

thou didst obtain this matchless beauty?


On an escort for forage near the city,

I seiz'd this lovely christian,

by majestick looks inspir'd with awe,

I made a solemn vow to bring her spotless

to the victorious Osmyn.


This pleasing instance of thy loyalty

shall e'er be graciouſly remembred,

and thou ſhalt always be our chief attendant.

(To Amelia.)

Say, beauteous christian,

why thus in sorrow droops that lovely head?

Thou art not fall'n into barbarian hands,

nor wilt thou find us hideous, as we're painted.



The youngling ravish'd from its nest,  

expos'd to danger stands,

but joy soon warms its panting breast,

when fall'n in gentle hands.

Little, alas! did I believe

my life would be restor'd

by your dread pow'r, which most conceive

is not to be implor'd.

Sfondo schermo () ()

(Exeunt Osmyn, Amelia, and Rodulpho.)

Osmyn, Amelia, Rodulpho ->


Scene the fourth

Casimir alone.



O for a deadly instrument, to end  

this most accursed life!

Since what I now endure is past forbearance.

No more; it is resolv'd, I'll so provoke him,

that he must kill me, if he has yet remaining

one spark of manhood or resentment.


The furious tiger for a while kept under,  

rouses at last, and bursts his chains asunder;

inspir'd with double rage he flies

upon his foes, and self-avenging dies.


Scene the fifth

Enter Osmyn, Amelia, and Rodulpho.

<- Osmyn, Amelia, Rodulpho, Guards



Joy of my heart! the longer I converse,  

the more I'm ravish'd and delighted

with thy incomparable wisdom.

Thou hast a soul more beauteous than thy form,

nor can I live without the blest enjoyment

of both those excellent perfections.


Lovely creature! while I'm gazing,  

ev'ry feature more amazing,

all my soul with raptures charm.

If such pleasure's in beholding,

oh the transport of infolding

so much beauty in my arms!

(Going on, Casimir obstructs 'em.)


Darest thou obstruct my way?  

dispatch him straight for his preſumption;

sever his head from his detested body.

(Guards go to kill Casimir, Amelia interposes.)


Make here your way, for such a sight

these eyes can never bear.

(To Osmyn.)

Is this your boasted mildness?

what from your fury may not I expect

by this example of your cruelty?


How can you vainly thus pretend  

to love, when yet you hate?

For if I should but once offend,

I see my instant fate:

pity and love to heaven ally'd,

engross the godlike breast,

where pity's entrance is deny'd,

there love can never rest.



At your request he lives,  

but we'll no longer stay

to hear his insults,

and repent our mercy.


You say you love me, let me be convinced

you plainly do, by condescending

to reinstate the christian in his liberty;

for I am shock'd at this barbarity,

and while my soul with horrour overflows,

I cannot think of love.


What is it for your sake

I would not grant?

But he's my enemy avow'd;

to give him freedom is to make him able

to war against us yet a second time;

ask any other proof of my affection,

and my compliance waits on your request.


Too well I am satisfy'd with one repulse,

I shall but ask again to be denied.

(To Rodulpho.)

What shall I do in this perplexity?


Deny her not this instance of your favour,

it will remove the terrour of her mind,

if you release him.


Such is the ardour of my passion,

that I'll engage her at the dearest rate.

(To her.)

To let you see, my charmer!

I give your love the preference,

above all other views whatsoever,

at your immediate intercession,

this christian has his liberty restor'd;

I only ask the tribute of your heart,

as a return of gratitude.



Who would not with gladness surrender,  

a heart to a lover so tender,

whose actions his passion declare?

Assist me, bright goddess of beauty!

and Cupid! instruct me my duty,

to make all his wishes my care.


(to Casimir)


at the request of this celestial creature,

you have your life and liberty.


Angel of goodness!

That from the deep abyss of desperation

has call'd me forth to life again,

once more to come to my Amelia's arms.


No more, we will not hear your tedious thanks;

your presence only aggravates my wrath;

so fly while you have free permission.



To the arms of my dearest I'm flying,  

who doubtless with sorrow is dying;

despairing to see me again,

above all the world I adore her;

o how will my presence restore her!

and ease her disconsolate pain!

(Exit Casimir.)

Casimir, Rodulpho, Guards ->


Scene the sixth

Osmyn, Amelia.



Now, the delightful object of my soul!  

Remains there any favour yet unask'd,

that you can wish, or I confer?


Victorious Osmyn!

I need no other proof of your affection.



To one so fair and kind,  


To such a generous mind,


surpassing all treasure,

who would not with pleasure

a heart sincere resign!


I ne'er can leave thee,

Amelia I'll ne'er deceive thee,


For ever I am thine.

The end of the second act.

The end (Act the second)

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Osmyn's pavilion

<- Rodulpho, Amelia

(Casimir, chain'd at the entry; Rodulpho is in a Turkish habit; Amelia likewise disguised)

Thus far, dread princess!

Rodulpho, Amelia ->

A gallery.

Augusta, Attendants

What, gone! impossible! it cannot be

Augusta ->

Osmyn's pavilion.

Casimir, Osmyn, Rodulpho, Amelia

Tell me, my mussulman

Osmyn, Amelia, Rodulpho ->

O for a deadly instrument, to end

<- Osmyn, Amelia, Rodulpho, Guards

Joy of my heart! the longer I converse

Darest thou obstruct my way?

At your request he lives

Osmyn, Amelia
Casimir, Rodulpho, Guards ->

Now, the delightful object of my soul!

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