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      Other texts

Libretto texts that don't concerne the acting.

      Desktop background

Images to be used as background for computer screen.

      Incipit of pieces

Incipit of pieces set in alphabetical order.

      Acts and scenes

Libretto acts' and scenes' list.

Act I

Act II


      Changes of scene painting

All the scene paintings described in the libretto.

Act I

Act II

      The acts in brief

For every act the synthesis of the scene paintings, of the pieces, of performers' entrance and leaving, of the main passages.


      Musical numbers

Score musical numbers and their incipit, with link to libretto.

Act I

Act II

      Significant pieces

Pieces that are pointed out from critics and musicologists.

Act I

Act II


      Statistics of various kinds

Use of voice types and libretto words.


      Search in the net.

Search with predefined criterias on different engines.



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